Lady and the Tramper was launched in January 2016, after contemplating documenting their travels for some time, Jamie (26) and Sally (26) decided to bite the bullet and start this blog to share experiences with family, friends and fellow travellers.

IMG_1641 (1)Sally says it was hard to pinpoint the exact moment her passion for travel arose because for as long as she remembers she always wanted to explore somewhere new. Mainly inspired by browsing through her world atlas or seeing jaw dropping destinations on TV and film, she would regularly jam the phone line on her dial-up internet as a teen looking at the countries she could visit when she was older. She took up Travel and tourism in her school years which lead to her studying a degree in Tourism Management and her eventual nomad lifestyle.

Jamie, on the other hand, says he always had a passion for the outdoors and adventure but never sought such experiences overseas, preferring the comforts of camping trips in Scotland, the Lake District and North Wales. He remembers watching nature programmes and thinking ‘Wow, what an amazing place’, but never thought that everyday people like ourselves could travel to such destinations and experience them first hand.

A few months after Sally finished university and with Jay having some issues with work; they both decided to quit their jobs, pack up their things and head to Australia to travel for three months. Nearly three years later, they’re still on the road and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.